Forsyth Fire hosts recruitment event to attract volunteer firefighters

Shayla Patrick,
POSTED: 06:15 AM CDT Oct 15, 2014

Forsyth Fire needs volunteers

Helping the community is a dream come true to staff members at the Forsyth Fire Department.

“Growing up I always wanted to take care of people and figured why not take care of the people in my community and give back to those that have helped raise me,” said Lt. Ashley Green, volunteer firefighter for the Forsyth Fire Department.

The 12-person staff responds to about 300 calls per year. They help out with everything from fires to rescue calls.

“When you see someone you have helped a few weeks later when they have recovered or when you see the little kids faces when you go to the school [it really pays off],” said Green.

“We just did fire prevention at one of the schools and we got a thank you letter from one of the kids and that definitely made the day,” she added.

And although the hard work pays off in smiles and gratitude, it doesn’t pay the bills.

“[Our staff] is made up of all volunteers. We’ve got about a dozen staff personnel and that’s nowhere near what we would like or what we need,” said Forsyth Fire Chief Nathan Bower.

On Friday, October 17, 2014 the department is hosting a special community open house event with an emphasis on recruitment.

“We have some live demos that we are going to be doing Friday night, we have a live prop that firefighters will be extinguishing. We also have an agility test we are going to put out,” Bower explained.

Chief Bower says the ideal candidate is interested in the fire service and able to pass the physical ability test and a background check.

“We provide all the training free of charge. We do that locally and we have in-house instructors that offer that,” said Bower.

“[This job requires] a big time commitment and we try to look at each candidate’s available time and match that with the job description so it works for both of us,” said Bower.

And as they enter what’s expected to be another busy winter season, this department needs all the help they can get.

“We have put a lot of work into hosting this event and we are hoping it pays off and that we get a lot of volunteers and more staff,” said Green.

The department’s open house will be held On Friday, October 17, 2014 from 5:00 to 9:00pm at Fire Station One, located on Highway 160 in Forsyth. Click here for more information.

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