Fire Inspections

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Residential Inspections
Residential fire inspections are only performed upon request of homeowners or in new construction situations where:

  • Residential sprinklers are being installed
  • Commercial grade fire alarm systems are being installed

Commercial Inspections
Commercial fire inspections are generally made at least once per year.

Industrial Inspections
Industrial fire inspections shall be made at least once per year. In cases where considerable hazardous materials are stored, inspections may be held twice per year at the discretion of the Fire Chief.

Fire Code Enforcement

The fire department has a responsibility to enforce many sections of the Missouri Revised Statutes and City of Forsyth Ordinances including numerous codes imposed by these statutes. Annual inspections of buildings and plan reviews of proposed buildings for compliance with State and City statutes and regulations are conducted to rectify conditions which may cause fires or situations that may allow a fire to spread uncontrolled. The primary goal of these inspections is to ensure the safe egress of occupants who may be endangered by the fire or its products. The Fire Chief and other members of the Department certified to do so, carry out these inspections as assigned.

Along with inspections, plan reviews, in coordination with the City’s Building Inspection department, ensure that applicable Fire Codes are complied with during new constructions and major renovations.

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