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Emergency Management


Storm Siren Information

The city maintains 5 storm sirens, located at the TCAD ambulance barn in the north city limits, downtown, and on south end of town by the water towers on Skyline Drive. A fourth siren has been installed on the Oremus property across Bull Shoals Lake. Sirens are set off during National Weather Service Tornado Warnings or when Severe Thunderstorm Warnings discuss large hail or high velocity straight-line winds. A coverage map is shown below. Click on it for a larger version with more detail.


For a detailed map of all Forsyth storm siren locations, along with the fire stations, click here.

Forsyth Is A StormReady Community

What does this mean? The StormReady program is NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) program to insure that communities implement procedures to reduce the potential for disastrous weather-related consequences. To be recognized as StormReady, communities must meet guidelines established by the NWS in partnership with federal, state, and local emergency management professionals.

Just a few of the benefits the Forsyth community realizes by being StormReady:

  • Improves the timeliness and effectiveness of hazardous weather warnings for the public;
  • Provides detailed and clear recommendations which will help local emergency managers establish and improve effective hazardous weather operations. It can also help justify costs and purchases needed to support hazardous mitigation and emergency response plans;
  • Rewards local hazardous weather mitigation programs that have achieved a desired performance level;
  • Provides a means to possibly acquire additional Community Rating System points assigned by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP);
  • Provides an image incentive to communities, which once recognized, can identify themselves as being StormReady;
  • StormReady can help ensure your community is prepared for other civil emergencies.

For more information, you can download the StormReady handout here.

StormReady Program Website

National Weather Service

Preparedness Tips

  • Purchase and use a weather alert radio during severe weather seasons;
  • Maintain a family plan;
  • Keep 3 days food, water and supplies on hand;
  • Keep an eye to the sky during severe weather and listen to local radio and TV stations.

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