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Forsyth Fire Department’s Driver / Operator Requirements

Volunteer Driver/Operators with the Forsyth Fire Department are an important part of achieving our mission. They are responsible for driving the necessary equipment to a scene and attending to operations related to that apparatus including pump operations.

Driver/Operators are also responsible for performing maintenance tasks as required for all apparatus and equipment for which responsible, keep current record-keeping,  maintaining the cleanliness of apparatus and equipment and maintaining equipment inventory.

During an emergency Driver/Operators are responsible for the maintenance and safe operation of all assigned apparatus. They stay with the piece of apparatus driven to the scene unless asked by Command to perform a specific assignment or when relief is needed and has been approved by Command.

Forsyth Fire Department’s Driver / Operator Requirements:

  • Must be at least 21 years old;
  • Must possess a valid Missouri Driver’s License;
  • Must be experienced in the operations of large vehicles;
  • Must live within 10 miles of the city limits of Forsyth, Missouri;
  • Complete the application process;
  • Pass a thorough background check;
  • Chief’s and Captain’s interview and approval;
  • All members of the department must conform to and comply with City of Forsyth employment rules and conditions of employment;
  • City Council approval;
  • Able to pass department physical;
  • All members must complete required NIMS and ICS training within first six (6) months;
  • Able to attend required training for position applied for.

When do meetings take place?

Drills are held every Thursday of the month except the 5th Thursday. The 5th Thursday can be used for makeup classes. Meeting runs between 1830 hrs and 2230 hrs. Saturday drills may be scheduled as needed. Goals of these drills is to improve firefighter and medical skills.

Monthly meeting – A monthly business meeting will be held at the start of drill on the first Thursday of the month.

Driver/Operator Familiarization Drills – These drills will be performed on the second Thursday of the month and will run between 1830 hrs and 2230 hrs. These drills will address driver training, pump operations and apparatus familiarization. Goal of these skills is to familiarize all with apparatus operation and prepare recruits and firefighters for the driver/operator position.

Officers Meetings – All Forsyth Fire Department officers will meet monthly as officer schedules permit. Time and location will be published 24 hrs prior to the meeting.

General Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to being a volunteer firefighter. A few of them are:

  • Great training opportunities;
  • Strong sense of accomplishment;
  • Member of a team;
  • Sense of belonging;
  • Helping and giving something back to your community;
  • Achievement;
  • Increased responsibility;
  • Self-respect;
  • Personal growth and development;
  • Both challenging and rewarding;
  • Recognition;
  • It’s fun!

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